In 1887 in London, a society called the British Nurses’ Association having as its objects inter alia the improvement of the profession of nursing and of the promotion of the skills, efficiency and usefulness of nurses and of assisting them by various benevolent activities (“Society”);

The Society became the first body to establish a register of nurses which recorded the professional education and experience of the nurses so registered;

In 1891 Her Majesty Queen Victoria conferred on the Society the prefix and title “Royal” and thenceforth the Society became the Royal British Nurses’ Association (“RBNA”);

In 1893, the RBNA was incorporated by Royal Charter;

On 14th August 1900, the RBNA (SA Branch) (“Association”) was established;

The Association was the first professional organisation of nurses in South Australia;

In 1915, the Association purchased land and premises situated at 12 Dequetteville Terrace Kent Town SA 5067 (12 Dequetteville Terrace Property”) and it became the first Headquarters of the nursing profession in South Australia;

The Association established and maintained a register of nurses until the Nurses Registration Act 1920 (SA) (Nurses Registration Act”) was enacted. The Association continued to make accommodation available for nurses until 1973;

Other nursing societies and organisations have since been established in South Australia;

On 10 February 1950, the Association was incorporated under South Australian Associations Incorporation Act 1929-1935 (SA);

On 19 June 1967, the Association and other nursing bodies convened and resolved that a committee be established to be known as the Nurses’ Memorial Building Committee under the Chairmanship of Dr Roger Wurm (“Committee”);

The Committee raised substantial funds and obtained generous government assistance in the form of a guarantee of repayment of mortgage moneys to the extent that the building of a nurses’ centre could proceed;

The members of the Association resolved to co-ordinate with other nursing bodies and organisations the establishment of a centre for nurses and for this purpose resolved to sell the land and premises situated at 12 Dequetteville Terrace Property and acquired land situated at 18 Dequetteville Terrace Kent Town SA 5067 (“18 Dequetteville Terrace Property”) on 28 May 1969;

On 2 June 1973, the Association changed its name to Nurses’ Memorial Foundation of South Australia Incorporated and on 27 October 1973 adopted a new constitution more in keeping with its activities;

The Association with the assistance from another interested persons and organisations raised further funds which enabled it to complete the required developments and on 16 September 1974 opened the Nurses’ Centre at 18 Dequetteville Terrace Property (“Centre”);

On 2 May 1978 the Association duly adopted a new constitution;

On 28 October 1980 the Association duly adopted a new constitution with the intention that its members would be those who applied for membership and became members after 28 October 1980 and thereafter the majority of its members applied for and became members as aforesaid. The Supreme Court of South Australia rules that the Members as 28 October 1980 did not cease to be Members on the adoption of the Constitution;

On 19 July 1987 the Centre acquired a portion of land in Capper Street Kent Town SA 5067 (“Capper Street Property”);

In order to clarify its membership, revise its objects and for other purposes the Association duly:

– adopted a new constitution and rules on 9 September 1987 including changing its name from Centre to “Foundation”(“Rules”), and
– amended Rules on 11 June 1991 and 11 September 1991;

On 5 September 2014, the Association adopted a new constitution and rules more in keeping with its objectives and activities;

The members of the Association are ageing and those remaining Association members feel it would be more appropriate to become a company limited by guarantee and transfer the Association’s assets and activities to a company structure pursuant to the SA Act;

The Founding Members wish to acknowledge the following individuals for their past service and contributions:

Dr. Roger Wurm M.B.B.S., F.R.C.O.G.,F.R.A.C.O.G., (deceased). Dr Wurm was Chairman of the Association for over twenty (20) years until 28 October 1980 and was also the Chairman of the “Ways and Means Building Committee”. On behalf of the Association, Dr. Wurm negotiated with the SA Government for loans and for the Capper Street Property. Dr. Wurm’s support was recognised with the introduction of the “Dr. Roger Wurm Scholarships” in May 1987;

Miss Margaret Grace McNair A.M., R.G.N., R.M. (deceased), known as “Grace” . Grace was a registered nurse and midwife for over forty (40) years. Grace’s tireless work to advance the nursing profession has been recognised by annual awards named in her honour.